What it does

Our Brand Lens is the lens through which we focus and manifest Our Purpose. It defines the most important creative elements that must universally bring our purpose values to life and provides consistent personality, texture, and tone throughout every consumer touch point of our brand.

Our brand lens informs the brand guidelines, which brings our creative applications and output into alignment. They work together to focus and align all of our creative to show up as one brand aligned to our purpose.

It all flows from our purpose and this is how it will manifest.

In order for creative to align to our purpose, it needs simple, specific attributes, descriptors, and tangible elements to connect and create with. 

Our Purpose
Our Creative Principles

We have as much fun as possible. We bring the spirit of riding to life 365.

= Creativity

We fight for the future of our sport, people, and planet.

= Progression

Our product is grounded in technical performance and committed to quality.

= Functionality

All of these principles need to work together in concert and influence one another.

More on our commitments on the Purpose Page →

Brand Lens One-Pager

For quick reference the one-pager lives right here, download this file

These principles influence all creative elements and bring our purpose values to life through everything we make say and do.

The line starts here, this is how we show up together.