Can I use an old logo?

Please do not create anything new with an old logo. We understand some assets may exist or need to remain in use for a short period of time, but please contact your regional representative for a plan to update old or existing branded assets as soon as possible.

Grab the latest logo files here.

I can’t find what I’m looking for in the guidelines.

Please email our resource contact on the contacts page.

What is the plan to rollout the brand across our physical spaces? 

We will start with high-impact and easy-to-change collateral and then work our way to the longer lead time assets (eg Product). The rollout will begin in Fall 2020 and extend through Winter 2023. We will also have a soft launch of our logo and font on and Social channels starting in early Summer 2020.

Which languages will the site support?

The site will be available in English, German, Japanese, Mandarin, French-Canadian, French, Italian, and Spanish. We’ll be launching a language switcher late summer that will give you the ability to toggle between the language of your choosing. 

Should I continue to use my business cards with the old logo or throw them away and order new ones?

Please continue to use your current business cards until they are gone before ordering more. 

When should I start using the new logo?

The brand identity should be used for all new collateral starting Fall 2020.

What types of content will I find here?

This site is a centralized source for all evergreen branding related information. You’ll be able to access long term branding assets and direction, brand history, files, documentation, and how-to’s. You will not find short-term documents or seasonal creative. Those assets can be found on our digital asset management site.

Who is for?

It’s for anyone who interfaces with our brand or works with brand assets.