Presentation decks are a vehicle for communicating ideas and stories. This section seeks to provide you the keys to showing up on-brand in your presentation—now go drive off into the sunset.


See below for the link to our presentation template. This template eliminates the pain and inconsistencies of designing a presentation from scratch by providing you everything you need to show up on-brand.

Presentation Summary

Large succinct messages resonate with the viewer and sink in because they are clear and easy to read. Use smaller supporting text to convey any additional points.

Our brand typeface is Helvetica Now. Arial is not an acceptable replacement of our brand typeface and should not be used for any external facing collateral. Only use Arial on internal presentations.

Have a plan of attack, stick to your outline, speak clearly & on-brand, and understand what it is you’re trying to accomplish with your presentation.

Less is more. Just remember to keep it simple.