We are a purpose-led brand rooted in snowboarding and the mountains.

Defining Principles

We fight for the future of our sport, people, and planet.

We have a responsibility to respect and fight for the natural world around us, build equitable and healthy communities, and break down barriers to our sport and the outdoors.

We have as much fun as possible.

This is our guiding ethos. It’s the freedom to do what makes you happy, choose your own line, and create moments of joy everywhere you are.

We bring the spirit of riding to life 365.

We are riders, and riders at heart, driven to get after it year-round in every aspect of our lives. We create outside the lines, challenge conventions, and thrive on a heightened connection between body, mind, and the world around us.

We ride together.

We show up together, elevate one another, and strive to make the mountains more inclusive.

Our Trail Map

To learn more about our peaks and paths and how we bring our purpose to life Download our Trail Map here →