What it means to ride together

The biggest lesson we took from the mountains was to make each turn a force for good—for snowboarding, for our people, and our planet. Riders know; it’s not just about what you do, or even how you do it. It’s about who you share it with. That’s why, wherever we drop in, we don’t do it alone. We ride together. 

This is what our brand has to offer: a community that’s grounded in a set of core values and a common mentality: driven to progress while having as much fun as possible. 

The purpose of a tagline

A tagline is the lead-in and rally cry for a story. Like the tip of an iceberg, it has the most visibility, and exists on the highest level of storytelling above the more in-depth narrative elements.

Every tagline is a tool with a specific use. In the case of “We ride together,” it exists to connect the narrative dots on our brand story moments. 

“We ride together” is a call for unity, rallying our audience around our common values and the mindset we all bring to our lives as riders (and riders at heart). 

We ride together IS: 

  • An overarching summary of our brand purpose
  • Our tagline (lead message and rally cry) for brand purpose stories

We Ride Together is NOT: 

  • A logo
  • A company word mark
  • A space-filler
  • A complete campaign
  • A universal do-it-all message for all stories

Where we use it

Rule #1: We ONLY use “we ride together” on assets that specifically seek to convey our brand values as the primary (first, most important) objective of the asset. 

Contexts for “we ride together” include but are not limited to: 

  • Brand campaigns 
  • Brand purpose stories
  • Seasonal brand-aligned campaigns
  • Product

Where we don’t

Thinking of “we ride together” as a tool for conveying brand-specific stories, we can easily identify stories that the tool is not meant for.

Rule #1: We ONLY use “we ride together” on assets that specifically seek to convey our brand values as the primary (first, most important) objective of the asset. 

We do not use “we ride together” to sell or showcase product, or add brand presence to a promotion like a sale, event, or program. In those cases, the primary objective is to show the product, or promote the sale/event/program. Note rule #1. 

Contexts where we do NOT use “we ride together”:

  • Product campaigns
  • Promotional items
  • Promotional and discount campaigns

Hashtag Usage

#WeRideTogether should follow Rule #1 (mentioned above). The #WeRideTogether hashtag should only be used with assets when seeking to convey our brand values as the primary objective. 

It is important that we don’t use the hashtag as a universal catch all—that’s what #Burton is for.


Follow headline and body copy capitalization rules. 

  • All caps when standing alone, and in any other contexts where all caps are typically used 
  • Sentence case rules apply when used as part of a sentence wherever sentence case rules apply
We use sentence case within a sentence.
We do not run it as all-caps within a sentence.
Do not use sentence case when tagline stands alone.

We use all-caps when the tagline stands alone.


No punctuation needed unless it is being used within a sentence where sentence case and punctuation rules apply (such as body copy or social captions).

Placement and integration

In relation to our brand logo, we ride together may be placed left justified to the right of our Mountain Logo, or vertically centered below the mountain logo.

Product Applications

Because We ride together is not meant to be used to sell a product, it would not and should not appear on the front of a T-shirt as the dominant element. However it can be used as a small discoverable element to add depth to the user’s experience, or as a non-primary element to remind people of our brand values.

We ride together should never be the primary element.
We ride together should be a secondary, small, supporting element.

Size and placement should always be secondary and smaller than any of the product branding. It should also have notably less prominence than the branding placement

Messaging Summary

We ride together is our brand tagline.

We use “we ride together” on all assets that tie back to the brand and our brand values.

We do not use We Ride Together to sell or showcase product, or add brand presence to a sales promotion.