With the world in a current state of constant change—and new hurdles facing consumers—forget what you currently know about retail. Step into the future.

Elevated Design, Process, and Execution

If you’ve landed on this page, then chances are you play a big role in bringing Burton to life. You’ve also likely noticed an evolving retail landscape over the last few years. We have, too. In fact, we’ve had our own evolution since we got started in a barn back in 1977. You’re part of our evolution, too, and that’s why you’re here.

So why does this matter? Well, Burton is much bigger than snowboarding and your store is more than just a place to shop. It’s an experience, a place to inspire and engage, an opportunity to connect others to our lifestyle, culture, and values. The knowledge you’ll gather through these guidelines will give you the tools to bring Burton to life in the best way possible.

Big Ideas

In many ways, retail is like riding. Conditions change constantly, progression is inevitable, and you’re guaranteed a few bumps along the way. We’re aware of what you face in your job daily and we aim to address the challenges with big ideas that identify areas of opportunity where we can make the biggest impact.

Big Changes

The resource guidelines are the result of taking a hard look at where we’ve been so we can see where we’re going. The road ahead is freshly paved and what you’ll find includes better communication, more consistency, smoother processes, and the ability to tell deeper, more compelling stories on the sales floor. All in a way that makes it easier to track and measure success.


The following resource guidelines help provide guidance and clarity around different elements of our retail environment.

The Environmental Design Resource Guide will provide varying levels of Global strategic creative direction documents. These guidelines showcase how Burton should be represented throughout the retail environment.
The Visual Merchandising Manual provides the guidance you need to inform the consumer journey, helping you plan, set, and maintain your whole floor plan.

The Fixture Graphic Guide outlines use-case and best practices for storytelling and communication graphics.
The Retail Exterior Signage Direction outlines use-case and best practices for brand signage and logo usage in the retail environment.