What makes an image true to Burton?

We have a rich history of capturing some of the most compelling snowboarding imagery in the world.

So what makes a Burton image feel like “Burton”?

It’s real people who come together to tell the story of our brand, who do incredible things, in new and unexpected ways, while bringing you along for the ride.

How Burton images stay true to our purpose.

Every image has a job to do. Bring our purpose to life.

Our brand lens attributes are summarized by 3 principles rooted in our purpose:


We are rooted in technical performance
and committed to quality.


We have as much fun as possible.
We bring the spirit of riding to life 365.


We fight for the future of our sport,
people, and planet.

These principles inform what the customer feels, experiences, and is inspired by through our imagery.

For more on our creative principles view the Brand Lens Page →

This is how we show up on brand. We do this by conveying the creative lens attributes that define Burton.

Functionality looks like this:

Functional imagery conveys technical performance through active moments and demonstrates the quality of the products.

Purpose Tie-In: We are rooted in technical performance and committed to quality.
Creative Lens Attributes: Trust • Quality • Innovation • Confidence

Highlighting trust by demonstrating product performance in action.
Pushing the limits of durability and quality to convey functionality.
Showing confidence to connect to nature in all conditions while being active in the outdoors year round.
Revealing behind-the-scenes innovation, R&D, and engineering.

Not this:

× Overt product shots that diminish real technical performance.
× Unrealistic and misleading settings that lack expertise.
× Disconnected from nature with product not intended for setting.
× Passive moments where product is not being used.

Creativity looks like this:

Creative imagery conveys finding freedom and an escape from everyday drudgery and feeling boxed in – to show up awake and alive – no matter where it is. It shows people doing incredible things outdoors with an element of lightness, creativity and joy.

Purpose Tie-In: We have as much fun as possible. We bring the spirit of riding to life 365.
Creative Lens Attributes: Emotion • Unexpectedness • Grit • Curiosity • Boldness

Sparking curiosity, championing creativity, and exposing our creative process.
Unexpectedness and doing incredible things in expressive ways.
Spontaneous moments having as much fun as possible.
Raw, wild energy with boldness, edge and grit.

Not this:

× Lack of emotion with models posing in staged settings.
× Indifferent and uncompelling. Could be any outdoor brand.
× Predictable and expected, following widely used trends.
× Overly polished, unnatural effects with an artificial feeling.

Progression looks like this:

Progressive imagery motivates and inspires people to push convention and limits. It visualizes an inclusive community with diverse representation, elevating the voices of marginalized people. It conveys our dedication to our sport, people, and planet.

Purpose Tie-In: We fight for the future of our sport, people, and planet.
Creative Lens Tie-In: Stewardship • Conviction • Inspiration • Inclusive

Showing conviction to push limits, persevere, and try again.
Exhibiting stewardship, respect, and reverence for our natural world.
Riding together to inspire all levels of ability, physical activity, and intensity in the outdoors.
Conveying unity and oneness by representing people of different races, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual identities, and shapes equally in our inclusive community.

Not this:

× Settling for mediocrity and whimsical moments.
× Single individuals focused on winning or being the best.
× Undiversified talent and safe/soft moments. Avoid showing women in passive poses doing less intense activities.
× Bro-centric culture that feeds snowboarding’s perception as predominantly white, young, straight, and male.