Brand Colors

Our brand was born in the mountains and on snow, the color white is a central element to who we are and why we exist. Looking forward we are leaning into the contrast of black and white as a timeless foundation for a brand that allows for vibrancy to stand out in our seasonal palettes.  

Our brand identity is centered around black and white. While our logos can be used in colored applications, is should most commonly be used as black and white. This helps ensure clarity, and consistency across all brand touch-points.

Digital Interface Applications

Due to the perceived harshness of digital displays and RGB color space we use a slightly softened black, that still appears as true black. 

Range of digital blacks.
Difference in 100% vs 90% Black

It is is a subtle difference but acceptable to use a black between 100% and 90% black to soften the contrast on digital displays. This is especially helpful when setting large amounts of text digitally. On this site for example, we are using #1A1A1A or 90% black.

Seasonal Colors

Born in the mountains our brand embraces and reflects the colors of our natural habitat, both the neutral and the vibrant.

The seasonal nature of our product cycle causes our palettes to remain evergreen and relevant. Expressive color is informed by and evolves with seasonal trends. Creative should always align with and use product colors of same season. 

An example of our seasonal color palettes will be available for reference here soon.