Brand Family Identity System

As our brand expands across programs and experiences internally and externally we need to utilize a flexible system that allows us to adapt our brand identity to all of these applications.

This set of rules helps our brand scale accordingly and keep everything in alignment cohesively with our new identity.

Horizontal Type Integration

One Line

The size of the text is determined by setting three lines of text with 1:1 leading (32pt/32/pt for example) that is equal to the overall height of the mountain logo square. The grid should be based on square capitals ignoring punctuation, ascenders, and descenders. The distance from the mountain logo should be equal to the cap height (1x).

Two Lines

The size of two lines of text should be determined in the same manner as one or three, but is placed vertically centered adjacent to the mountain logo.

Three Lines

Three lines of text is the maximum recommended number of lines to be set adjacent to the logo.

Vertical Type Integration

The size of the text is determined by using the same method defined in the horizontal type integration. Placement of the type should be equal to the cap height (1x) and centered directly underneath the mountain logo.

Vertical type integration one line.
Vertical type integration two lines.
Vertical type integration three lines.

Single Color Logo Application

Clear Space

If a single color logo is required—the size of the containing shape must be adjusted based on the length of the text. The space between the logo and end of the containing shape must be equal to the cap height (1x).


For these applications a vertical divider must be placed adjacent to the right edge of the mountain logo container. The height of the vertical divider should be equal to the height of the mountain icon and wordmark. The width of the vertical divider should be 50% or 1/2 the “N” letterform weight/stem in the Burton wordmark.


When using three lines on a single color application the type becomes taller than the logo itself—for that reason we avoid running three lines of text on single color applications.