Brand Positioning

Brand positioning determines the “who, what, why, and how” for everything we do.

FOR THE RADICAL OUTSIDER who recognizes the value of getting outside and experiencing the world around them as an antidote to the sameness of everyday routines.

BURTON is the outdoor performance brand that welcomes them to a world where all their senses come alive.

BECAUSE Burton was conceived by Jake as a bold idea to do something new on the mountain.
Burton brings the spirit of riding to you wherever you are.
Burton is committed to preserving the magic of the mountain and the environment.
Burton products don’t just look good, they perform so you can be fully engaged in the moment.

SO THAT every part of their mind and body is fully locked in as they’re flowing weightlessly with nature, turning through fresh powder, catching an early morning wave, or carving an untouched trail.

Explore the brand positioning elements

Awaken the Senses [WHAT]

Our brand, products, and our community were all born out of transformative experiences that inspired us to feel alive, and create the world we wanted to see. We found that magic, and now we’re going to share it by giving people something to experience for themselves.

AWAKEN THE SENSES is a rally cry for ourselves to guide our approach to communicating with the Radical Outsider. It’s what we’re setting out to do: to give them opportunities to fully immerse themselves in the sights, smells, feelings, and sounds of our world. Ultimately, the goal is to motivate them to go out and experience life for themselves, fully engaged in the moment, connecting with nature and each other.

Brand Ethos [WHY]

Our ethos is our values (purpose, planet, sport) plus our spirit (riders and riders at heart).

Burton is not just a product company. Burton is an IDEA.

It’s breaking free, living fully engaged, chasing a feeling, choosing your line, enjoying the ride, playing, creating, connecting, escaping, seeing the world sideways. It’s all this & MORE.

Burton has entered A NEW ERA, in which we’ll draw more and more people into the feelings and experiences we’ve found in the mountains.

Radical Outsider [WHO]

Consumer segmentation involves categorizing a target audience into distinct groups based on shared characteristics, behaviors, or preferences, allowing businesses to tailor their marketing strategies for more effective communication and engagement.

We are riders AND riders at heart.

WE don’t all stand sideways, but we ALL have the rider’s spirit.

WE’RE hungry for experiences outdoors that give us a chance to choose our own line, express our individuality, push progression, and become better connected with the earth and each other.

WE DON’T settle for mediocrity. We’re not interested in what’s safe, or what everyone else is doing. We don’t worry about what people think. We know what makes us feel alive and engaged, and we’re getting after it.

Magician Archetype [HOW]

Wait, what? That’s right. Archetypes, baby. They help frame the way we show up in the world, our intent, our methods, and the spirit we bring to every interaction.

Burton is no longer an Outlaw brand. Yes, snowboards were literally outlawed in the early days. The defiant attitude that defined our early days was born out of necessity. But we’ve established ourselves in the world now, and we can do more today than just defying convention.

In this new era, Burton embodies the archetype of THE MAGICIAN. Visionaries, innovators, and creators who believe that anything is possible. We turn challenges into opportunities and act as the catalyst for transformation. We see the magic that we found in the mountains as an antidote to the everyday bullshit holding us back, and we want to share that magic with the world.