Content Essence

Photo, video, or audio, the content we capture and share with the world is what brings our brand to life. It is our unique visual identity, our brand being human and vulnerable. An honest expression of our brand’s raw personality, attitude, authenticity, and tone. Creating a multi-sensory experience, awakening the senses of our primary audience: the Radical Outsider.

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Content Key Attributes

Our content has a job to do and it boils down to these three key attributes: People, Planet, Sport. To awaken senses through feelings, experiences, and inspiration.

People [BIG HUMAN]

Evoke visual emotion and adopt a photojournalistic approach centered on people’s experiences, immersing the viewer into the scene. Utilizing wide-angle lenses will help achieve this.


Capture the essence of the outdoors through a “snowboarder’s” unique perspective, emphasizing the juxtaposition of vast landscapes with a small human presence. Utilize raw and emotive storytelling techniques, focusing on sensory experiences and unexpected moments, creating transportive and powerful imagery.


Capture the essence of the “snowboarders” unique outdoor mindset by awakening emotions and evoking feelings. Utilize spontaneity, movement, and energy, to tell stories, inviting viewers to feel immersed in the scene and transform perspectives.


Photojournalistic, Vibe, Inclusive Experience, Wide-angle Lens


Big Nature, Emotion, Movement, “Snowboarders” Perspective


Creative, Emotive, Bold, Riders Spirit


Unconventional, Attitude, Real, Bold, Welcoming


Utilize studio settings for non-narrative purposes, focus on technical and product details using white or light backgrounds. Ensure a variety of body types, skin tones, and styles among the talent while emphasizing strength and athleticism in their poses. Highlight product performance with detailed, close-up shots featuring interaction with the talent and the elements. Capture macro details like seams, stretch, and water droplets. Emphasize consumer benefits and expressive style. Experiment with cropping and movement for intrigue.


Showcase products in their natural environment and intended use, emphasizing their interaction with the elements to convey technical performance. Use real, used equipment in natural settings to tell a compelling story, ensuring authenticity and relevance. Utilize motion blur and tight cropping to emphasize the products in motion, capturing speed and dynamism. Experiment with focused, tight shots from unique angles, including over-the-shoulder and point-of-view perspectives. Highlight key technical features and convey authenticity by capturing genuine moments.