Brand Voice

Our Brand Voice is the unique personality in every expression Burton makes. It’s a combination of our DNA as a brand and our intention to connect and resonate with our primary audience: the Radical Outsider.

Our Key Attributes

Our Brand Voice boils down to three key attributes:

Our Key Attributes Defined

Rooted in Snowboarding

Unconventional, Playful, Creative, Attitude

We are riders, and riders at heart. Snowboarding is the root ingredient of our DNA. Without it, we’re everybody else. And yet, you don’t have to snowboard to be part of our *culture. We see riding as a spirit and a mindset that can be expressed in all sorts of ways. That’s how we let everyone in while staying true to ourselves.


Snowboard culture was born out of a combination of fierce individuality, a DIY ethos, and a communal passion for the unconventional.

We had to fight for acceptance at ski resorts in the early days, and remained outlaws on the mountain until gaining mainstream acceptance toward the late 1990s. Along with our unique approaches to sliding on snow, we invented our own technologies and styles. Riders wove their own personalities and passions into their style, bringing influences like skateboarding, surfing, music (think punk rock & hip hop), art, and fashion–with the unique twist of life in the mountains.

We’re no longer outlaws, but the unapologetic, pioneering rider’s spirit is still at the core of our cultural essence.


Inspired, Unexpected, Guiding, Welcoming

Burton embodies the archetype of the magician, guiding people to transformation. Our brand, products, and our community were all born out of transformative experiences that inspired us to feel alive, to give a shit, to become a leader in innovation, and to create the world we wanted to see. We found that magic, and now we’re going to share it.


Human, Passionate, Real, Unapologetic

We are all humans. People intuitively know what’s real, so BE REAL. We tell true stories and let the people in them speak for themselves. Our story is defined by *Jake Burton Carpenter’s pioneering spirit, the heritage of riders who have contributed from the start, our deep connection as small humans in big nature, the unapologetic attitude that fuels our culture, and the passion and purpose that drive everything we do.

more About Jake

One of snowboarding’s biggest pioneers, Jake quit a New York City suit-and-tie job in the mid-70s to follow a gut feeling that sliding on snow could become a sport. He built boards by hand and sold them out of his car, gave 1 on 1 lessons, organized events, built a business, and traveled the world advocating for snowboarding’s acceptance at ski resorts. He dedicated his life to bringing his vision to life and ended up changing the world.

Copy Guidelines

The Burton Voice should be reflected in all Burton copy, and there are additional copy-specific standards and rules to follow. This includes style (formatting, punctuation, capitalization, etc.) and general best practices.

To view our copy style guidelines, please download the Burton Style Guide and keep it handy for easy reference.

This is an internal company document and should not be shared with anyone other than company employees, hired independent contractors, and/or any other individuals creating Burton copy.