Our Logo

The mountain has been part of our identity since we first started standing sideways. As we continue to evolve, so must our identity, and we’ve adjusted some of the features and attributes that weren’t well suited for a modern identity. We’ve addressed shape and scalability, ensuring that the logo reproduces across all applications while retaining key attributes of its shape that make the mountain our own.

This is our updated mountain logo.

Our Logo System

Our branding system is comprised of four marks:

Mountain Logo
New Bar Logo
Mountain Icon
Horizontal Logo

You can download the latest logo files via the button below.

Mountain Logo

The mountain logo is our primary mark. We should always use this logo whenever possible.


Our logo was carefully constructed on a grid to maintain balance between the shape, symmetry, and the wordmark underneath. The space and balance between these elements should never be adjusted or altered.

Clear Space

Based on the grid the logo is constructed on, the wordmark is three units tall. The minimum clear space around the logo is 4 units or 1.33× taller than the cap-height.

New Bar Logo & Mountain Icon

These are our two secondary logos. 

Sometimes our logo needs to be separated or contained. When vertical space is limited or stylistic context requires it, the new bar logo may be used. The mountain icon must still be present elsewhere on the application whenever the new bar logo is used.


The new bar logo was constructed on the same grid as the updated mountain icon. The spacing around the type was re-balanced and the tracking decreased slightly in to provide an overall shape that is easier to use in application.

Clear Space

Based on the grid the logo is constructed on, the cap height is 6 units tall. The minimum spacing around the logo should be at least 2 units, or ⅓ the height of the letters.

Icon Construction & Clear Space

The icon construction is the same as the mountain logo without the type. The mountain should be no larger than 75% of the width or height of its containing shape.

Horizontal Logo

This is our tertiary logo.

When vertical space is limited and both the mountain and wordmark need to be represented side by side, use the horizontal logo. Consider it a last resort.


The tertiary logo is constructed by combining the bar logo with the mountain icon and removing the bar logo container shape.

Clear Space

Based on the grid the logo is constructed on, the cap height of the wordmark is 6 units tall. The minimum spacing around the logo should be at least 2 units top, bottom, and left, or ⅓ the height of the letters, and 4 units on the right side, or ⅔ the height of the letters

Usage Exceptions and Considerations

There are a few instances where exceptions to usage rules or additional consideration is needed when using our new logos.

New Bar Logo Container

When the application for the bar logo is more than 3x longer than it is tall, it is acceptable to use that shape as a substitute for the new bar logo container.


Do not crop the logo. Do not distort its proportions. Do not change the transparency of the logo. Do not use drop shadows or other effects. Do not change the color of the logo. Do not re-typeset the wordmark. Do not outline. Do not change the size or position of the mountain or any other part of the logo.

Do not adjust relationship.
Do not stroke.
Do not apply effects.
Do not fill with patterns or imagery.
Do not stretch or distort.
Do not typeset logo.
Do not mix logos.
Do not alter or re-draw.

For Small Size Use

The smallest size the mountain logo should be reproduced is 36px on screen, 16px for the mountain icon.

When the application size is a constraint it may be appropriate to just use the mountain icon, a website fav-icon for example. Usage exceptions across channels may also differ. For example social media platforms that display the name Burton next to the icon need only use the mountain icon. There is no need to repeat the Burton name in the icon. 

Logo Summary

Always Start with the Mountain Logo

When using the bar logo, ensure the mountain icon is also represented elsewhere within the application.

Use the horizontal logo as a last resort. Only when space is limited and the mountain and bar are required.

Never alter or adjust any of these marks in any way.